School Level Advocates

School Level Advocates

Advocates meet monthly to work on issues, share ideas, and to provide support to each other.  They build the collective voice of our union.  Advocates also have access to special, closed Facebook groups to communicate regularly.


Democracy Advocate:  Organizes and informs members in your school about elections, legislative issues, and political actions.


Parent/Community Advocate:  Collaborates with parents and community organizations to improve your school.


Social Justice/Equity Advocate:  Works with colleagues in your school to address social justice issues.


Teaching and Learning Advocate:  Works on issues of curriculum, pedagogy, and professional development.


Please check the MTEA Advocate position of your choice.


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Please check the MTEA Advocate position of your choice.


Democracy Advocate

Parent/Community Advocate

Social Justice/Equity Advocate

Teaching and Learning Advocate

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You may also contact Kim Schroeder, MTEA Vice President, at the MTEA Building, 414-259-1990.

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