Notify MPS If Resigning

Teachers who resign from MPS are required to provide written notice to the Human Resources Department at least 30 calendar days prior to "the last day to be worked." This requirement does not apply to the following:

  1. Teachers who are retiring
  2. Teachers who leave MPS for health-related reasons (career-ending)
  3. Teachers who have caregiver responsibilities (health care related).

Without timely notice, MPS may deduct $500 in liquidated damages from the teacher's last paycheck. The penalty is an effort to protect schools from losing faculty members without an opportunity to obtain qualified replacements.


To avoid paying this penalty, you should provide written notice of your resignation to the MPS Human Resources Department as soon as you have made your decision to resign.


Resigning at the End of the School Year

If you do not plan to return to MPS in the fall, you should provide written notice to the MPS Human Resources Department as soon as possible. The sooner you notify MPS, the better.


Insurance Coverage If You Resign

If you resign at the end of a school year, your coverage under the negotiated, board-paid insurances (health, dental, and life) will continue through August 31. Board-paid coverage continues through July and August regardless of the effective date that you designate for resignation, provided you are paid for at least half the paid days in June.


COBRA Rights

The federal COBRA law provides for continuing insurance coverage on a self-paid basis for at least 18 months after board-paid coverage ends.



If you have questions about maintaining insurance coverages, please call an MTEA staff member at 414-259-1990.

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