Surveying the Staff

Collaborative Planning: Surveying the Staff on Organization Day


  What is the first step for implementing the collaborative planning time provision?

The learning team in each school will survey the faculty about collaborative planning needs “in accordance with Part IV, Section L.”
  What is “Part IV, Section L”?

Part IV, Section L, is the long-standing teacher contract provision for meaningful faculty involvement, and its key points are:

  • “The involvement of teachers in the decision-making process is vital to the continued improvement of the educational program.”
  • “This involvement must provide meaningful opportunities for input of ideas, needs, and goals of all groups affected, rather than a vote on the issue.”
  • “The decision is the responsibility of the administrators held accountable.”
  How does this section specifically apply to the learning team surveying the faculty about collaborative planning needs?
  • All faculty members (not just “regular classroom teachers”) are part of the professional learning community and should have the opportunity to give input.
  • The survey is not a vote. The survey provides input for the learning team to digest and consider in developing a year-long, comprehensive plan.
  • Ultimately, the principal is responsible for the decisions on implementation - especially if consensus is not reached when the learning team digests the faculty input.
  What should be the result of the survey?

Each member of the faculty should have the opportunity to answer one question: What do you think are the collaborative planning needs of this faculty?

By contract, “it is the responsibility of the administration and learning team to digest the faculty involvement and present a year-long comprehensive plan to the staff …”

The learning team should make certain the comprehensive plan for the school’s 12 hours provides for engaging all teachers in meaningful conversations.

  Is the learning team required to survey the faculty on when the school’s planning sessions should be held?
No. There is no requirement to survey the faculty on dates, times, or months. However a learning team may survey the faculty if the team believes this feedback is needed to develop an effective year long plan.
  Is there any flexibility on when the survey must be completed?
Yes. August 30 should work for most faculties; however this day is not the Organization Day for year-round schools and the IB high schools.

Learning teams should conduct the survey as soon as feasible so that they can digest the input and develop a year-long plan for their school to present to the faculty no later than October 5.

If teachers have further questions about collaborative planning, they should contact an MTEA staff member at 414-259-1990.

If principals have questions, they should contact the MPS Labor Relations Department at 475-8280.

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