Mission Statement

Our Mission . . .

We Are the Education Experts

As professional educators, we understand the needs of our students and their families.


We know from experience what it takes to improve achievement. When it comes to quality public schools in our city, we are the experts.


We Are a Union of Professionals

Quality personnel is the key to quality public schools. As a labor union, we work to attract and retain the best teachers and support personnel - by improving salaries, benefits, employment rights, and working conditions.


We Share a Vision

Individually and collectively, we - the members and leaders of the MTEA - are committed to making a difference in the lives of those we touch.


Our collective vision is to advocate for quality public schools and for educators by leading, challenging, and working for change.


Each day, in countless ways, we work for a better future for all members and for the students and families we serve.


We Put Children at the Center of Education

The process of defining who we are as MTEA members and professional educators of the 21st century is complex and rapidly changing. But we have one, constant focus -- putting children at the center of education.


Our success depends on connecting with people inside and outside the traditional boundaries of public education. As MTEA members, we are leaders in advocating for teaching and learning among the public and education policy-makers.


We strive to make quality education for all children a public policy priority, especially for those with special needs and children in poverty. Collaboration with parent groups, community groups, labor unions, and other organizations is the key to putting children at the center of education.


We Are the Voice for Quality
Public Education in Milwaukee

Contact the MTEA

5130 W. Vliet St.

Milwaukee, WI  53208

PH:  414-259-1990

FAX:  414-259-7801

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