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MTEA Fact Sheet


The MTEA is a labor union representing four groups (called bargaining units) of Milwaukee Public Schools employees:


  • Teachers - 6,000 members
  • Educational Assistants - 1,700 members
  • Substitute Teachers - 500 members
  • Accountants and Bookeepers - 22 members

Collectively, the MTEA is a group of over 8,000 employees who work directly with the students in the city's schools.


The MTEA is a local affiliate of the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) and the National Education Association (NEA).


By constitution, the two-fold purpose of the MTEA is "to develop and maintain the professional status and financial welfare of its members and to promote the cause of education through strong, positive action."'


MTEA members work for rights and benefits, working conditions, school policies and legislation which enable them to be effective educators.


MTEA members believe that the most important initiative in public education in Milwaukee today is involving the entire community. All members of a community must provide the support students need to succeed in school.


The MTEA is the voice for quality public education in Milwaukee. Across the city, MTEA members work with parents and with the community to build partnerships to help raise student achievement.


MTEA members determine the positions, the direction and activities of the union through their elected representatives on most matters. However, votes of the entire membership are taken on major decisions such as the election of Officers and ratification of contracts.


Elected leaders set policy. Educators who serve in the leadership positions of the MTEA are elected by the general membership. MTEA Board members work full-time in schools. They perform their policy-making duties after school, on a voluntary basis.


See the list of Executive Board Officers and Members.

Programs and Staff

The Association is committed to putting children at the center of education by building broad-based support for quality public education, to generating business and community partnerships that encourage student success in public schools, and to supporting initiatives that focus on quality teaching and learning for all students. The MTEA employs a full-time professional staff to implement the policies and conduct the day-to-day work of the union.


The MTEA was formed in 1963. The city's teachers elected the MTEA as their collective bargaining representative in 1964. The first MPS teacher contract was negotiated for 1965.


The educational assistants, the substitute teachers and the school accountants elected the MTEA to represent them in separate votes in 1968 and 1969. The first contract for each of these three groups of employees was negotiated in 1970.


Media Contacts

If you are a member of the news media, or have a general question about the MTEA, please contact Kelley Dawson Salas at 414-259-1990.

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